The erstwhile State Council of Sports, re-named, The Sports Authority of Goa, is an autonomous body and registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 and is fully financed by the Government of Goa on “MEET THE DEFICIT” basis and for this purpose funds are being provided by Government as grant-in-aid subject to the provision being made in the budget for the purpose and also availability of funds.

The Sports Authority of Goa has been rendering commendable services for the development of Sports and Games in Goa, through its various schemes are under:-

Recognition to Sports Clubs/Associations and release of participation and Annual Maintenance Grants.

The Sports Authority of Goa grants temporary recognition to the Sports Clubs and the State Level Sports Associations established in Goa and further annual maintenance grants are released to the active Sports Clubs & Associations on 75% matching basis on the admissible items of expenditure. On obtaining permanent recognition after completion of three years of existence and on submission of requisite detailed annual report of activities, audited statement of accounts, etc. the annual maintenance grants are released.


The annual maintenance grants released to the active recognized Sports Clubs are as under:


A Rs. 10,000/-

B Rs. 7,500/-

C Rs. 5,000/-

Release of grants to Sports Clubs for development of Sports Infrastructure.

The Club on attaining Permanent Recognition will be entitled for grants towards Development of playgrounds/ Construction of Multipurpose Hall-cum-Club House to a maximum of Rs. 10.00 lakhs.

Recognition to State Level Sports Associations, release of Participation/ Organization and Annual Maintenance Grants.

The Sports Authority of Goa endeavors to register with it such State Level Sports Associations that are affiliated to the concerned National Sports Federations that are duly recognized by the Govt. of India.

The Sports Authority of Goa releases 100% grants to the recognized State Sports Associations towards participation of the State teams in the Zonal, National & International Level Tournaments.

The Sports Authority of Goa releases grants to the extent of Rs. 5.00 lakhs in individual cases to State Level Sports Associations for conduct of National tournaments and Rs. 1.00 lakh towards Zonal Level Tournaments. Every year there is provision for conduct of two Nationals and two Zonal level Championships.

The Annual Maintenance Grants released to the recognized State Sports Associations are as under:


A Rs. 30,000/-

B Rs. 20,000/-

C Rs. 15,000/-

Coaching Camp Allowances

The Sports Authority of Goa releases Coaching Camp Allowances directly to the players selected by the State Sports Associations to represent the State for Zonal/National/International Tournaments.

A player undergoing a Pre-National Coaching Camp is entitled to Coaching Camp Allowances of Rs. 50/- per day for 1 session of a minimum of 2 hrs of coaching or Rs. 80/- for 2 sessions of 2 hrs duration each (one session in the morning and one session in the evening).

National Games

The Sports Authority of Goa provides participation grants to the Goa Olympic Association to depute the State Teams to participate in the National Games organized by the Indian Olympic Association in various Sports disciplines. The entire expenditure is met by the Sports Authority of Goa on a 100% basis.


Rural Sports

In order to give maximum exposure to the rural youth studying and residing in rural areas below 16 years of age, the Sports Authority of Goa organizes the Rural Sports Tournaments under the aegis of the Sports Authority of India at the Taluka, District and State Level every year, wherein thousands of players participate in the competitions and the standard players / teams are deputed to participate in the All India Rural Sports Tournaments.

Recently, the Government of India was pleased to launch the new PYKKA Scheme by merging the existing scheme of Rural Sports into the new scheme aimed at involving the Panchayats in the promotion of Rural Sports for which the Government of India will release special financial assistance for conducting these Sports through the Sports Authority of India.

Deputation of the State winning teams to represent Goa in the National Inter School Tournaments

During the academic year 2007-08 the Sports Authority of Goa will be conducting the Inter School Tournaments under the newly introduced scheme of the Sports Authority of India. The events will be conducted at the District and State Level. The Winners of the District Level Tournament shall qualify to play at the State Level. And at the State level the School which wins/scores the highest point in team games, Individuals who wins 1st position in individual event qualifies to represent Goa State in the National Inter school Tournament to be organized by the Sports Authority of India in various parts of the Country.

Women Sports Festival

In order to encourage mass participation of the women folk in Games and Sports, under the existing scheme of the Sports Authority of India, the SAG has introduced the organization of the Women Sports Festival at the Taluka and State Level wherein the talented women participate and the teams are deputed to represent Goa in the National Women Sports Festival organized by the Sports Authority of India, in rotation in various parts of the country.

Diet Coaching Camp

Diet Coaching Camps are held by the Sports Authority of Goa and the Diet/ refreshment is provided to the selected trainees in the various disciplines who under go special camp under the experienced coaches. These camps are organized from 21 days to one month duration and free lodging and boarding is provided to the campers.


To update the knowledge of the Officers, Coaches, P. E. Teachers, etc in various Sports disciplines, the Sports Authority of Goa undertakes to organize Workshops/ Seminars etc. in various sports disciplines.

Form – II & Sportsman Certificate

The Sports Authority of Goa issues Sportsman Certificate, Form – II to the Sportspersons who have represented the State in a recognized Games / Sports at the National/International level for obtaining additional marks and to seek admission in Professional Colleges.

Medical Reimbursement

As approved by the General Body of the Sports Authority of Goa, the SAG will now implement the new scheme for reimbursement of expenditure incurred by the sportspersons on injuries arisen during coaching/participation in any recognized Zonal, National and International Tournament/Event including hospitalization charges.


Cash Award

The Sports Authority of Goa, presents cash awards to the outstanding sportspersons having secured the first three positions in National, International and Olympic Events and also to those sportspersons who are selected to represent the Country at Asian, Olympic World and other recognized International Sports Tournaments, as detailed below:



Cash Prize


Sub-Jr./Rural Sports/ School

Games/Women Festival

I — 5,000/-

II — 3,000/-

III — 2,000/-


Junior I — 5,000/-

II — 3,000/-

III — 2,000/-


Senior National I — 10,000/-

II — 7,000/-

III — 5,000/-


Nat. Games/Santosh Trophy I — 10,000/-
II — 7,000/-III — 5,000/-


Asian Games I — 10,00,000/-

II — 7,00,000/-

III — 5,00,000/-



World/Olympic Games I — 1,00,00,000/-

II — 50,00,000/-

III — 25,00,000/-



Any other International Tournament I — 1,00,000/-

II — 75,000/-

III — 50,000/-